Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

A brief summary

The Studierendenwerk is the central platform for everyday student life. We support students in all areas of life: Family, financing, food, housing, integration, social affairs. This makes studying a success - for everyone.

The Studierendenwerk is a secure and attractive employer with a meaningful task. We help to ensure that studying is possible regardless of parental income. We break through financial and social barriers. In this way, we promote the development of an educational elite that will help shape our democracy in the future.
The Studierendenwerk is a loyal and reliable partner for politics. We work closely with students and can quickly identify potential problems. We can name imbalances and mediate between students and politics.

The Studierendenwerk lives in symbiosis with the University of Kassel. While the university takes care of research and teaching, we ensure a good study-life balance.




Performance Figures 2020

Student Housing

  • 26 student halls
  • 1,100 rooms in student halls
  • 559 student hall places rented to international students
  • 4.4% accommodation rate
  • 247 € average rental rate/place

Food Services
Because many cafeterias and canteens were closed completely or temporarily in 2020 due to the pandemic, these figures are not representative.

  • 405,622 million meals
  • 7 dining halls
  • 8 cafeterias
  • 2.1 million € total revenue in dining halls & cafeterias

Advisory Services

  • 1,658 Student Financing advisory sessions
  • 1,840 therapy sessions in the Psychological Advising Centre
  • 1,863 advisory sessions in General Social Advising
  • 479 Legal Advising sessions


  • 24,645 students
  • 215 women and men working at Studierendenwerk
  • thereof 123 are part-time employees
  • 1 apprentice, 3 voluntary social year (FSJ)
  • 104 children in the daycare centres

How we finance our work

  • 39% revenues
  • 27% student contributions
  • 15% HMWK grants
  • 9% other subsidies
  • 8% reimbursement of BAföG/AFBG costs
  • 2% other income

Student financing

  • 4,798 BAföG applications
  • 24.2 million € disbursed funds
  • 2,005 AFBG applications
  • 6.48 million € disbursed funds (only allowance part)
  • 34 graduation loans
  • 172 emergency funds disbursed