Monthly topics

Time to discover us

In our anniversary year 2021, we will take you on a journey through the world of Studierendenwerk - each month we will stop in a different area of work and introduce you to different people and tasks. Get to know us and discover how we help make studying a success.


January - LAW
From Mendicant Orders to BAFöG

The image of the "poor student" has always been associated with romanticism and freedom. In reality, however, poor students often faced existential hardships and worries. Financing a living while studying presented major challenges - these eventually lead ...

February - CHILDCARE
Ahead of the times

For many students today, children and studies can be easily combined. This is primarily thanks to committed parents and the Studierendenwerke. Because the road to get there has been a rocky one. We look back at the beginnings of childcare at the University of Kassel. In the 1970s, a different family image...

Cosmopolitan Campus

Whether Bologna, Prague or Paris - already when the first universities in Europe were founded, the claim was formulated to represent the totality of all sciences (universitas = the whole). It is not least this pioneering approach that makes universities international centers of attraction. Already in the Middle Ages...

Always an Open Ear

In addition to starting an academic education, studying also means finally standing on one's own two feet and shaping one's life independently. Young people leave their parents' home and their familiar surroundings to do so...

More than Just Food and Drinks

If you want to study successfully, you need delicious and healthy meals to recharge your batteries in between. A lunch in one of the six dining halls (Mensas) in Kassel and Witzenhausen is just the right thing for that. It's also inexpensive and fast...

Sustainability for over 300 years

The term "sustainability" goes back to Hans Carl von Carlowitz (1645-1714) from Freiberg, who applied it to forestry in 1713. The aim was to create a stable balance in forestry. The basic idea: In a forest, ...

July Education Grants
July - Educational equity with BAföG and AFBG

The Office for Educational Support of the Studierendenwerk Kassel supports students as well as participants in professional advancement programs...

Feeling at home with the Studierendenwerk

Starting university is a big step for young people. Many leave home and move into their own apartment for the first time. But in almost all major and university cities ...

September - EMPLOYER
Working at the Studierendenwerk

Studierendenwerk Kassel has been a reliable employer since 1971. It started five decades ago as the Studentenwerk with 22 employees...

Start of semester in anniversary year

On October 15, 1971, we began our work at Studierendenwerk Kassel (which was still called Studentenwerk) - then as now with the mission of accompanying young people from the start of their studies to their successful graduation - so that studying is successful:::

November - INCLUSION
Right from the start

"Studentenwerke take into account the special needs of students with children, students with disabilities and foreign students. They promote the compatibility of studies and family."

December - 50 YEARS
Visions Of The Future

In 2021, the Studierendenwerk is halfway to its 100th birthday in 2071. Reason enough to take a look ahead. We asked students, employees and preschoolers from the HoPla-Kinderhaus childcare how they imagine campus life in fifty years.